Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spanish Wine Tasting, Monthly Beer Tasting, Cheese Class Announcement

I miss Spain! The only antidote is to continue the eating and drinking, so Friday night's tasting will feature many of the wines we had while in Barcelona, along with a sweet slideshow. So come fuel your envy and taste some Catalunyan treats!

Other News...
There is so much going on! Our Barboursville event is SOLD OUT. But I'm pleased to announce next weekend we are hosting a fantastic CRAFT/ART/JEWELRY next door.

Also, this month's Staff Picks are up, and tonight we have our monthly BEER TASTING.

Finally, Sara and I are excited to announce our next CHEESE CLASS: Stinkfest! Join us Monday, March 2nd 6:30-8:00 for a tour of duty only the strong will survive. We'll crank up the air-handler and and dive into sticky, pungent washed rinds, wicked funky blues and moldy mountains of bloomies. I wanted to call it "Date-Night for the Truly Perverse" but was voted down. Call 804.355.1375 to reserve your spot. Tickets are $35 per person, prepaid. Must be 21+ to attend. Seating is limited.


Friday, Feb. 20th, 5-7pm: Cataluynan Adventures!
(Julia's Notes)
I just got back from a week of winery visits and tapas bar hopping in and around Barcelona, so of course this week's tasting will feature some of the delicious wines I encountered on my trip! I'll be assisted by my handsome travel partner Dave Martin of the Country Vintner, and we'll have plenty of pictures to share as well. Here's what we'll be featuring:

Can Feixes 2007 Blanc: The three Huguet brothers run this amazing organic winery high in the Alt Penedes. This lively, dry, zesty white is made primarily of Parallada, with small amounts of Chardonnay and local Malvaxia Sitges. Hints of lime and pith on the finish heighten the peachy notes on the palate. Expressive and food friendly.

Subirats NV Cava Rosat: Made by family owned Vilarnau in the Penedes out of 100% Trepat grapes, then aged a minimum of 18 months before disorgement. A robust rose with great texture and pit fruit flavors. Delicate mousse and a floral finish make this an all day/every day sparkler, but it is really tasty with fried fish or calamari.

Albet i Noya 2007 Tempranillo: Also from the Penedes, but the same owners as the Mas Igneus winery in Priorat. Medium bodied, it has a velvety, well-developed fruitiness with a bit of spice and earth. Organic.

Mas Igneus 2004 Priorat "FA206": The first certified organic vineyards in Priorat make hearty, rich, full-bodied Grenache (Garnatxa) based wines. The code means FA (French Allier oak barrels) 2 (second use of the barrels) 06 (6 months in oak). Dark fruit notes, vanilla, plum and porty notes make this a perfect accompaniment to lamb or grilled steaks.

Jorge Ordonez 2005 Malaga Seleccion Especial: dessertTechnically this is not from Catalunya, but we had it paired with the 7th of 8 courses during our tasting menu at CincSentits in Barcelona. Fantastic!! Made from Muscat, it is a delicate and honeyed dessert wine with undertones of hazelnut cream. It was matched with clementine and orange blossom "air" over passionfruit with cardamom crumble. Heaven!

Don't forget to bring your own glass, unless you like health-department mandated plastic medicine cups!

(Sara's notes)
Howdy cheese people!
Guess what? It is cheese class time again! And due to increasing demand for more challenging cheeses--Julia and I will be hosting our first ever stinky cheese class the first Monday in March! Washed rinds, blues, and other assorted wrinkly stinkers from all parts of the world will be gloriously featured for all of you who aren't afraid of a cheese that bites back! We decided that if we were going to do it, best to schedule it before it gets too hot to handle the aroma, right? Ha. I mean, really, can you imagine a stinky cheese class in the heat and humidity of June?? Whoa. I think we'd stink ourselves out of the room! So, while the weather is still relatively cool, we are busy choosing a line up of all sorts of palate expanding selections to appeal to those of you who like your cheese to have an attitude. There is something so spectacular about a cheese that can take your taste buds into a new dimension. Meek is for the weak, I say! As always, space is limited so sign up now!

Guess what else? I'm heading to Caromont Farm this weekend for kidding season! Wheee! I think there are about 30 goats that are about to have their babies in the next week or so and I couldn't be more excited to help welcome them into the world. I'll be bringing my camera, of course, and I'm sure I'll have all sorts of tales when I return. I've never seen anything but human babies being born - so this will be a new experience for me. I've even been looking at all sorts of youtube videos to prepare. Ha, what a goof. I just can't wait to get there! I'm sure it will only make my fantasies of having a farm one day all the more vivid! Hrm... I wish Richmond would let me have a city goat or two in my backyard...

(Peter's notes)
Chateau Vaugelas 2006
Corbieres Rouge
Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault and Mourvedre are the grapes behind this full-bodied, deep-toned red from the South of France. Served with grilled lamb, pork or chicken even, this is a red that pairs well with all manner of winter-friendly fare. $11.99 per bottle.
Want a taste?
We have one open for you!

Beer News!
(David's notes)
Beer Tasting 5-7pm
Sierra Nevada beer tasting Thursday 2/19

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: yes we've all had this beer before, but it should be a great starter to remind you of their basics or if you consume this regularly it will be a great yard stick.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA: This is the new IPA that Sierra have been working on for the last few years. During one of the hopping processes the hops are place in a metal tube that apparently looks like a torpedo.

Sierra Nevada Stout: From what I've been told, one of the brewer's wives had complained that the original recipe for this beer was the best. But it had been years since they brewed this style till now! Should be good...

Sierra Nevada Big Foot Barley Wine style Ale: This is the big one. Brewed once a year, it is THE micro brew barley wine. To the newer, trendier breweries they may call it Imperial IPA, or some such thing.


Duchy Originals English Ale
Big bold beers are in the news. But many lesser talked about beers are out there quietly providing a great food-worthy pairing and maybe even a little peace of mind. Duchy Originals is a charity that produces only organic goods in small batches. It was started by the current Prince of Wales, and has since gone on to raise a ton of money and produce a huge variety of goods. Duchy Originals English Ale is on of these fine products. Brewed at the Witchwood Brewery, famous for their Hobgoblin beer, it is a great easy drinking English bitter. These beers are really best consumed as cask condition draft, but the bottle version is quite good and all we can get.