Tuesday, June 30, 2009

100 bottles of Rose' on the Wall...

(Julia's notes) Wow. For years we've been preaching "DRINK PINK" and pushing rose for all it's worth. The staff of RCC truly has saigne' running in our veins (har--wine humor). But our dear friend, former RCC staffer and Potomac Selections rep Ryne Hazzard really outdid himself Sunday hosting a ONE HUNDRED ROSES tasting at his secret compound the other side of town. Like an idiot I scheduled myself Sunday so the rest of my staff and every wine shop geek from Charlottesville to Williamsburg had a 4 hour head start by the time I got there. But tasting and spitting (sorry neighbors on the other side of the fence) at lightening speed I caught up in no time. 40 industry people, 12 hours, 100 wines, 3 bottles of mosquito repellent and one kidnapping later, we were very pink indeed. Sara has the best photos, (coming next week), as she and Ryne meticulously cataloged each bottle, which ranged from rare and pricey ($80/bt) Chateau Simone to hilarious (Wild Irish Rose*), famous (Domaine Tempier) to pedestrian (Beringer white zin) with lots of gems from Provence, South Africa, Italy and sunny Spain delighting a tough crowd. Honestly it was such a treat because not once did I hear "what's the price point?" or "who brings this in?" but only "great to see you!" and "oh, oh--you gotta try this!" And did I mention many of us dressed up, in pink of course?!

Of the many highlights of the evening, my two favorites were absconding with the owner of a famous Belgian-beer loving Vietnamese restaurant on Broad Street and bringing him back for the tasting (I think there may have been a rocking chair theft involved but I'm pleading the 5th), and a certain Country Vintner wine rep and former front of house manager at Acacia doing the *most perfect ever* rendition of 'Baby Got Back.' So a shout out to all my hard working, rose loving peers--Belmont Butchery, the Cheese Shop, Enoteca Sogno/Coast, Barrel Thief, Strawberry Street Vineyard, Bello Vino, Mekong, Can Can, Belle Vie, Emerson's, and of course RCC--good times! We love our jobs. And if you love us, help celebrate Independents [sic] Day by supporting your local wine shops and restaurants. Thanks to you we live La Vie En Rose!

*According to Henry Reidy at SSV, Virginia was the 4th largest (by volume) wine producer until Wild Irish Rose moved its production from Petersburg to New York. Now we're 5th. I don't think that's a bad thing ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let There Be Light (and an emergency egress)

Our Mason Chris and his trusty assistant Jamie have opened up the windows and are busy cutitng out the doorway. And no, not a flagman in sight! Here's hoping the rain holds off until we get the glass in...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Breakthroughs are Necessarily Messy...

(Julia's notes)
Yay! More real evidence of progress! It only seems symbolic if you haven't heard the screaming saws and huffed the billowing orange dust for two days (oh, and dodged the less than enthusiastic store neighbors). I could wax poetic about brick structures and the heartwarming permanency of old school east coast architecture but WE HAVE A PORTAL!

"Shhh!," says V. with a wink and a (Richmond) nod "([Lion*Witch*Wardrobe] + Fight Club=SECCO)."

So after 3 hours and $40 and 2 trips to city hall and immeasurable soul hemorrhaging I finally got our effing sidewalk scaffolding permit from the city replete with caveats, but don't take my word for it...see right. And yes, that says, "flagman."

I'll be racing back from Fathers Day in DC Sunday to finish up demolition on the old, bricked in windows so the mason can open them up early Monday morning. I love smashing lead-painted glass and rotted wood window frames...makes all those beers taste even more delicious!

Shout out to my brick mason, Chris McBrayer.: he is talented, efficient, professional, creative and tidy. Even if he is a bastard for making a veal fed almost 40 year old girl demo ancient windows ;) Dude--isn't that what 19 year old boys are for?! Oh well, at least I don't need a silkwood shower when I get off work.

Left is Chris finishing the connection between RCC & SWB Friday morning. We had fun during the weekly wine tasting taking customers and supporters through the PORTAL. Here's Sara, David & Peter peeking through...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

(Sara's notes) In cheese news, I just got back from Caromont with a cooler full of all our favorites--Fresh Chevre, Old Green Mountain rounds, and pyramids of Alberene Ash (that I'll be having for dinner tonight with some fresh beets I got at the farmer's market). It was great, as it always is, to hang out with the goats and their keepers, to do some milking and some packaging, and to check in on my two favorite little ones, Violet and Sparrow, who are still as sweet as ever. Maybe one day I'll be able to bring them home with me (and you know I'll bring them to the store for show and tell), but until then, here are some pictures so you can see just how adorable they really are...

Hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009