Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Measure Twice...huh? Oops!

Cue the theme from This is Spinal Tap (you know, the song where the little people are dancing around the miniature Stonehenge because someone didn't measure correctly?). Tom unwrapped the used kitchen prep sink I ordered from a-city discount (dude--it was a steal!) and calmly asked, "What the %$#@ is this?" Um. Well. It was supposed to be the 18"x18"x12" NSF stainless food prep sink (one of NINE sinks code requires in our 1000 sf restaurant). "The sink bowl is 4" deep. What exactly do think the kitchen boys are gonna wash in that?" (snort.) No wonder he won't let me use the table saw. Back to scouring the interweb...

Chris Milk, our resident installation artist, keeps sneaking in during the wee hours and making the back bar increasingly pretty. If I hadn't mentioned it before, his art will change up every season with an evolving backdrop and signature cut-outs. I'd post the comps but I hate spoilers.

In other, more mechanical areas, my awesome hood, plumbing and electrical guys all pulled it together in time for the fire suppression final this morning which--didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow. The backstory is hilarious (if you find fighting city hall funny) but I'm afraid to put it in print and jeopardize bureaucratic cooperation.

As my stiff upper-lipped English mother said, "Keep suffering; it makes for good copy."

So our freshly scrubbed and skirted (again: snort) hood is festooned with balloons awaiting one of "the Dales" tomorrow. Balloons? I thought my hood guy (Jim Jones) was kidding. I asked Tom. "Yeah, they used to use condoms but it got too expensive." I need to stop asking these questions. Especially when Tom is measuring, leveling, table-sawing and construction-gluing 50,000 itty bits of salvaged end pieces around egresses, pass-throughs and emergency lights. Lincoln has clearly demonstrated more talent than I in the measuring department because he's allowed to cut stuff. Whatever.

ps: I think it looks REALLY GOOD!