Monday, April 19, 2010

Okay, so I am an Adduci, and being an Adduci means that there is pasta making in my blood.  My Grandma Lena was an amazing cook, preparing elaborate Sunday suppers for us EVERY week for all of my childhood (and most of my early adulthood, for that matter) and part of that magic was in her homemade pasta.   I used to make it with her sometimes, trying to pin down her recipes and master her skills, though she never actually measured anything which made things a bit difficult to replicate, I must say.  She always just did everything with the experienced hands of someone who just knew how it was supposed to feel, and damn, she sure made it look easy.   

It has been years since I've made pasta and I was so thrilled to watch Tim and Scott and Dallas doing some pasta making trials at Secco.  It made me weepy, even, much to my surprise, especially when they were making orrechiette, which was always my favorite of the many styles of pasta my Gram would make.

I'm just happy to see that some of these old traditions are being kept alive, now, here, today!  So, thanks, first, to my Grandma for planting the seeds of fresh and homemade firmly in my mind, and secondly, to Tim and the boys for the sweet reminder.  I wish she was still here to see this because she would love it!