Thursday, March 5, 2009

Minerva has two kids!

This is Minerva!

You might actually recognize her as the face of Caromont.

I was lucky enough to witness the birth of her two kids this year.
She's an old pro in the birthing department and, I must say, a great Mother.
Attentive, careful, protective, nurturing.

This was kid number one.  
(Julia didn't want me to share the really graphic pictures, but it was a truly amazing, crazy thing to witness!)

Bear checking out her new charge.
Amazing to see these HUGE Great Pyrenees being so tender with the wee ones.
She would give her life for any one of these babies if it came down to it!

Kid number two!
And by the time he arrived, his big brother was already trying to stand up!

So sweet!
I can't wait to see how big these little La Mancha/Nubian kids are now!