Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Girl, Two Beers & a Hammer

Very exciting times here at RCC. After two years of planning, one year (?!?) of paying rent on an empty space and five months of waiting for the City of Richmond to see things my way, we FINALLY got our construction permit Thursday for Secco Wine Bar. I celebrated by smashing walls yesterday. (Note to self: while stubbornness is indeed high octane fuel, there are consequences to hammering for 8 hours when one is almost 39 with the muscle-tone of milk-fed veal...ouch.) Here are some photos to show the um, progress.

Today we (hopefully I'll have some help from the boys) will tear down the free standing walls, dressing rooms and whatever those weird riser things are in the window. Oh, and I'll be taking a break to sip Prosecco with Enrico (Adami) & Katie (Michael Downey Selections). Let's see if Ican taste through a fine dusting of drywall debris...