Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gratuitous Violence

Another day of smashing, ripping and hammering (David, Tim & Dave) and scraping (me). May I take this time to reiterate how much I HATE WALLPAPER!! There is a special circle in hell for those who create 90 years' of layered paint, paper and glue. I can't lift my arms higher than my waist without wincing and my face feels windburned from all that 'exfoliation': thousands of tiny paint chips pinging my face for hours. Is it lead paint? Who cares--I can't possibly get any dumber considering I'm opening a restaurant ;)

As a side note, I do not recommend applying lipgloss immediately before sanding. Sigh. At least the beer flowed freely.

Today's plans include taking down the rest of the dressing rooms (now that we found the breaker box--in another shop--and can cut power to the lights. Oh wait, I didn't tell you? Two different shops share a circuit so we now have to get the service separated. Third trip expected for the electrician today. Also due for estimates from HVAC, plumber and draft lines. And then we have to figure out how to remove and save that giant mirror for behind the bar. Interestingly, it's bigger than any doors in the place. Ideas?

Then I'm off for a trip to the ABC and Health. Fun. My reward is checking out a rumor about dozens of really cheap Piretti chairs somewhere in a warehouse off Hermitage...wish me luck!

ps: anyone want to help? send me an