Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Smashing Good Times!

I'm really pleased with our demo progress, and I'm slowly getting used to the dull ache and sharp pain in my right arm. Tim attacked the crazily over-built dressing rooms with a rather large electric saw, and David G filled two dumpsters' worth of debris. Now we're left with only a bit of drywall and baseboards to pry out. The subs have started coming in for estimates (hood, electric--still need plumbing and HVAC if anyone has a suggestion: The joys of dealing with various codes and an old, carved up building are book worthy. All it takes is more money ;)

In the wine geek celebrity watch department, Michael Broadbent and his lovely wife Daphne stopped by the shop yesterday for some cheese. Of course I was sweaty, pig-tailed and covered in a patina of drywall dust, but it was exciting to show him around the wine bar space. "Lovely aspect, and I used to be an architect you know." And somehow I managed to deflect Bartholomew's (their son, Richmond transplant and an old friend) comments about how his dad likes a dirty girl... Sigh. It was a treat meeting them. Hopefully next time they're in town I can serve them a glass of chilled Manzanilla! (In the photo, left to right: David G our beer buyer, Daphne, Michael, Peter our wine buyer and me.)