Friday, August 28, 2009


Actual construction is happening!
Thanks to Carol P.W. and her family for hooking us up with fabulous old flooring from their Bon Air home. It'll look great on the back kitchen wall (this project really is locally crowdsourced--if you're interested in being a part of it please let me know). Plus it was nice spending some quality time with her sweet border collies.

Tom Brickman, my biz partner/skilled woodworker/restaurant designer/comic relief, busted a serious move all day Friday, literally working into the night. Which reminds me, we should get some lights in there. I helped! Or thought I was helping. Turns out I can't tell the difference between 10'x1"x6" and 10x2"x6" lumber, use two hands to hammer and confuse plum vs. level, so from this point on I'm relegated to fetching beer and iced coffee, fundraising and blogging. There's Tom, shuttin' the "stairhole" and practicing yelling into the kitchen through the pass-through.

So, as of last night, the bathroom and kitchen are framed and we're ready for the electrician and VA Power to come work their finally approved 3-phase power magic.

I'm pleased we'll finally have our panel accessible, rather than in a closet in a locked shop at the back of the building, and have it not running on 40 year old fuses.

Retrofitting is fun!