Thursday, September 3, 2009

Relentless Thirst Beer Tasting

(RCC Beer Guy David Garrett's notes)

A collection of beers were put together on a roof in downtown Richmond last Saturday. Some of these beers dated back to 1987, some were the most sought after microbrews made. I brought two bottles of British ale that I had had the luck of retrieving from south eastern England. Within moments these humble beers were consumed and for a second the thought of "whats next" crossed my mind. After this point the overwhelming bounty became, well, simply that, overwhelming. There was a true embarrassment of riches. Beautiful beers being pushed aside for even more ridiculous and obscure offerings. There were "Decadence" and "Dark Lord" along with incomprehensibly sour lambics from the '90's. There were high alcohol pilsners, bottled in 750 ml bottles, from the Czech Republic. And there was a bottle of BFM's Abbey de Saint Bon-Chien aged in Bourbon barrels. The crowd of beer enthusiasts casually made their way through all these crazy, mind bending elixirs with the non-challenge of a professional...

Thanks to the host Eric, author of the Relentless Thirst Blog !
Pictured here are (in no particular order, to protect the innocent):
David, RCC
Matt, Wine & Beer Westpark

Ron, B United
Chris, Loveland
Eric, Relentless Thirst
Dan, Left Hand Brewing

Lincoln, Capitol Ale House
Emily, OUAVN