Thursday, February 4, 2010

The HOOD...She is UP!

Joy! Secco construction is really rolling now. My house finally sold and the big push for equipment and outfitting is underway. We passed plumbing rough-in, electrical is all done, and the giant hood has been installed (though every time we try to finish the venting work it SNOWS). Tom is cranking out the bar and tables, and Tim is scouring auctions and warehouse basements for everything from whisks to convection ovens. I've been dodging back and forth between spreadsheets, website design, wine lists, subcontractors and utilities customer service calls. Just trying to keep the circus in the ring...and get open before the French Film Festival. Sacre Bleu!

One thing I was happy to discover and want to pass on to anyone with any home or business improvement project: ReStore. If you're not already familiar with it, it's basically a thrift store of everything from grout to doors to light fixtures to flooring--all proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity. I scored four beautiful brand new mirrors and a porcelain hand sink for a FRACTION of the cost. Great place--I'll be there every week!