Friday, February 26, 2010

Restaurant Buildout Haiku

Thanks to my dear friend Kelly at Fountain Bookstore for the inspiration!

My brain is bursting
Secco to open before
French Film Festival

30 amp fryer
Fifty seven resumes
Discontinued tile

Bowling alley wax
High-temp no-chem glass washer
Five dozen cheese slates

Zoning compliance
1.7 pounds ice per seat
POS training

Water heater tray
Aluminum or plastic?
Unscheduled sales reps

Bonjour French presses
Do green degreasers exist?
Painting ceiling tiles

BFM on draft
Research exterminators
Cross wired speakers

Wrong week to quit sniffing glue
Fire suppression next

Grease to Biofuels
Dimmable halogen lights
Operating agreement

Meet with CPA
What do you mean 'not in stock'
Drafting press release

Repurposed lumber
Compostable containers
Need to drink Champagne

Scheduling two staffs
Need to finalize wine list
Hand me the Advil

Website comps to proof
Whole or half cube icemaker
No more g@%%#&n snow